A Short History of EIN Development

A Short History of Emacs IPython Notebook Development

In 2013 I discoverd IPython. More like rediscovered. My first experiences with Python were back in the late 90's when I maintained a web site on my company's local internet using Zope. Most of my, admittedly sparse, programming background has been in Common Lisp. While I loved the idea of the notebook design of IPython, being relatively spoiled having used development environments like Lispworks and SLIME I was not happy with the user experience the web interface provided. I probably would not have spent much time with IPython if it hadn't been for tkf's ein project.

Takafumi (aka tkf) is the original developer, writing ein to support early (pre 1.0) versions of the IPython Notebook. Around mid-2014 tkf drops off the face of the internet, just as IPython is in the transition fro 1.0 to 2.0.

Prior to his disappearance I submitted a couple issues and spent some time working with the code fixing some problems I encountered.