About John

Chemical Engineering

Writing, analysis, planning, team leading.

Commissioning, instrumentation, troubleshooting.

Technology - Instrumentation, Controls, Platforming, Isomerization, Merox, HF Alkylation, FCC.


Computer Science

Python, Common Lisp, emacs lisp.

Emacs IPython Notebook - Current maintainer, responsible for migrating support from IPython 1.0 to 2.0 and beyond. (How many melpa downloads?).

Contributed to emacs-websocket.

Long, long ago (1999-2000) ported commonsql to Lispworks (which is pretty ironic considering that commonsql was based on Lispworks ??? (what was the name)).

Unpublished - Python interface to Uniformance PHD using COM. Python interface to Outlook.